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Core Values

ViiA operates off of four pillars which make up our Core Values. These values are Diversity, Integrity, Team, and Client. We recognize that as a company we are individually a blend of diverse individuals while together we are one team representing the values of ViiA. These four values serve as the glue that holds us together and unites us as a company. We believe they are the pillars of our character and the foundation of our future success.

Strength through diversity

We believe that working with people of different backgrounds and cultures, helps our grow and prosper.


We believe that behaving with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are.

Commitment to Team

We go to great lengths to support our people. They are our greatest asset and competitive advantage.

Commitment to Client

We are absolutely committed to the manufacturing and manpower productivity of our clients.

Meet Our Founder & CEO

Dolores Maria Rodriguez

Dolores Rodriguez has over 25 years' aperience in serving OEM manufacturers, suppliers, and 3PL providers.She has been honored as a Corporate Plus Member by the National Minority Supplier Development Council(NMSDC), and certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Woman Owned Enterprise (WBE) One of her numerous enterprises has been recognized and nominated by' Toyota of North America as Supplier of the Year.

With the Alliance, she has created a network of partner ventures that add strength and capabilities to meet client needs throughout North America. Together, they have served major manufactures such as Toyota,BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, VW, Pratt & Whitney, Kawasaki, Honda, Magna, Lear, and more. ViiA Alliance has the proven capabilities to serve manufacturers, suppliers, and large 3PL providers on an international basis. It is clear, Dolores has put in place the framework for building a diversified powerhouse.

On beginnings :

"With an entrepreneurial spirit I was always strategizing on ways to make clients more efficient and effective. In 1998, I saw my chance to serve manufactures and I have never looked back. "

On being recognized as a top
automotive supplier:

"Yes, I've received the "Corporate Plus " recognition by the NMSDC and we have been certified as an MBE, but it is really about the leadership in our Alliance. Good partners come in diverse shapes and sizes. What they have in common is their ability to listen to our clients and translate that into value for their business."

On creating the "ViiA Alliance":

"We have a strong reputation for setting the standard. I believe that great companies always put pressure on themselves to excel. With an alliance of partners that work together seamlessly we are using our skills with people, data, and diversity to create new standards of achievement."

On Hiring Talent:

"We 've always wanted people who had initiative and showed potential. I would find
them on the production line, on 3rd shift, working a double, or studying when evoyone else was on break. I also found them by looking for the spark in their eye that told you they were willing to go far. That's who makes up the ViiA Alliance."

On Surviving COVID:

"It 's not been easy, but it has been simple.Keep delivering quality and value and you 'II ride through anything: pandemics, recessions, supply chain issues, anything. It 's always about staying grounded and being persistent no matter what. In the end, it's a simple formula and it only makes you better in the process. "

On Expansion:

"We have facilities in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Indiana,Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, Arkansas, South Carolina, Mexico, and India. Also, ViiA, through its Alliances has customers from coast to coast throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. We are expanding into Japan and South Korea over the next 12 months. And we are expanding through acquisition and through new tech ventures. It's a tremendously exciting time
for us. "

ViiA Team

Our Executive Team

With a long-term vision, ViiA’s leadership team leverages decades of experience to chart a new course driving data and expert-led solutions to solve clients' mission-critical production, quality, and manpower needs.

Why ViiA

Why Choose Us

ViiA provides outsourcing for quality assurance, talent, and manpower services to manufacturers in numerous industries. We offer a complete portfolio of services throughout the supply chain, ranging from inspection services to meeting your staffing needs as well as auditing, consulting, and engineering services that are customized to meet your unique quality needs.


ViiA is proud to be a Minority-Owned and Operated enterprise. We help companies define and meet supplier diversity spend goals by combining our industry expertise with strategic alliances to meet client needs on a national scale.


A leadership team with a vast degree of OEM and Tier 1 experience across North America ensures that we understand client needs, the supply chain, and how to enhance manufacturing quality and productivity.


ViiA is dedicated to innovative new technologies that increase the value of data and quality/manufacturing/manpower performance. Our development team is consistently building new solutions that help our clients solve issues quicker and more effectively.

Real-Time Data

Our online cloud based data management system provides project data and inspection results in real-time. Whether it’s repack, logistics, production, manpower or quality, no matter where you are in the world, ViiA gives clients 24 hour access to centralized project information, reports and customized data.

Proven Processes

Everything we do is centered around comprehensive processes. From project training and activity logs to documented work instructions and in-process audits, we ensure that our process completes projects accurately and efficiently.


Simply put, we deliver value. In the end, our success is ensuring that our best practices let us complete the job quickly and efficiently saving you both time and money and increasing quality and productivity.

dynamic solutions for your quality, logistics, production, and manpower requirements

“For us, we become an extension of your quality team. We are your partner and our goal is to
ensure the highest level of quality throughout your manufacturing operation”

Dolores Maria Rodriguez


Geographical Coverage

The ViiA Alliance

ViiA is creating a cross-border Alliance which ties together a best-of-breed resource network. From a vendor management system to international consulting capabilities anywhere our clients operate, the ViiA alliance puts you in good company.