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An experienced team, supported by real-time data, sort and inspect your parts to contain the problem within your supply chain with quality walls. ViiA on-site inspectors coupled with our rapid response teams help find and contain quality assurance issues quickly. Extensive experience allows us to focus on maintaining product integrity for our clients while reducing their costs and damages for defective parts.

Sorting & Containment

Because of ViiA’s North American geographic reach we are ideally positioned to meet the quality assurance needs of our OEM clients and their suppliers.

On Call 24/7

Our Rapid-Response Teams, made up of supervisors and on-site inspectors can arrive in hours at most locations in North America ready to maintain product integrity.

Real-Time Data & Scanning Technology

Our proprietary real-time quality assurance data technology coupled with expertise with scanners and our scanner technology delivers project workflow efficiency for our team and yours.

Incoming Inspections

ViiA delivers a wide-range of solutions to prevent quality issues before they reach your production line — fFrom AI based predictive analytics to custom turn-key solutions.

24 Hour Access to Project Information

ViiA provides visibility and transparency to inspection with the total goal of finding, preventing, and not producing defects.

Vehicle Inspections at Ports

ViiA has national accounts with OEMs for inspections at port facilities. Our expertise in inspections, sampling, witness, and testing.

Preventive Inspections

Viia’s expertise in preventative inspections starts with a custom process designed to augment and validate your quality control process.

Where You Need Us, When You Need Us

ViiA is ready where you are. We primarily operate in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. While we cover the entire U.S. our greatest strength is Mississippi to South Carolina and Alabama north to Michigan.

We Manage Staffing

Our internal resources are staffed by our own teams of recruiters who are specialist in rapid response and deadlines.

Ability to Relocate Parts to Safe Location

Each warehouse is optimized for material handling and has a strong focus on safety. Our commitment to quality makes every location an extension of our footprint and part of our eco-structure dedicated to delivering conforming parts to your production line.

Vehicle Inspects at Dealers

ViiA checks your product against your chosen specification to ensure they meet a range of requirements for your destination market.

Aerospace Test Support

In addition to our expertise in automotive and other industries, ViiA has proven our success in being able to provide quality services to the aerospace industry.

The ViiA Alliance

ViiA is creating a cross-border Alliance which ties together a best-of-breed resource network. From a vendor management system to international consulting capabilities anywhere our clients operate, the ViiA alliance puts you in good company.