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ViiA uses proprietary technology called Nexus and its cloud modules to integrate into one platform, a system that can enhance workflow efficiency, create greater quality assurance results, demonstrate technical data in real-time, and deliver complete financial transparency for every project.

Real-Time Data

Nexus offers extensive data analysis coupled with real-time visibility of data, scanners to unite product quality data, and a centralized repository of cloud based insights.

Reports on Demand

ViiA has dedicated Nexus staff ready to match your reporting needs.

Data When You Want It

We give you 24 hour access to project information along with real-time data.

Data on Parts

  • Total parts inspected
  • Total non-conforming parts found
  • Total number of parts reworked

Data on Performance

  • Real-time performance data reporting
  • Supplier performance data
  • Shift-work details

Data on Projects

  • Inspector project training checklist
  • Project work instructions
  • Project implementation plan tracking

The ViiA Alliance

ViiA is creating a cross-border Alliance which ties together a best-of-breed resource network. From a vendor management system to international consulting capabilities anywhere our clients operate, the ViiA alliance puts you in good company.