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ViiA support can help to manage quality throughout your global supply chain in real-time. Our rapid response teams ensure that defective parts are contained and reworked in record time.

Warehouse Resources

We can manage retrofit, rework, and repair at any of our client’s locations or we can remove the non-conforming parts to one of our warehouse facilities.

On Call 24/7

We operate with minimal deploy time and rapid results.

Component Rework

ViiA has extensive experience with parts of all size and all complexity. Meeting your standards and specifications is our number one priority.

Technical Rework / Repair on Finished Vehicles

We understand that the most critical rework and repair is performed on the finished vehicle after the assembly line is over. We know the importance of doing the job right at this critical time.

Weather Damage Repair

Every part of the country has bad weather to fear. Whether its tornados, hail, hurricanes, or floods ViiA responds with a team within 24 hours. And once we arrive to restore your vehicles we take care of everything.

Extensive Training on Your SOP’s

Whether it’s our ViiA University or our on-site training, we ensure that our people are trained for the task. We ensure your reworked parts meet your standards and specification and have passed our rigid quality inspection protocols.

The ViiA Alliance

ViiA is creating a cross-border Alliance which ties together a best-of-breed resource network. From a vendor management system to international consulting capabilities anywhere our clients operate, the ViiA alliance puts you in good company.