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Why ViiA

Why Choose Us

ViiA provides outsourcing for quality assurance, talent, and manpower services to manufacturers in numerous industries. We offer a complete portfolio of services throughout the supply chain, ranging from inspection services to meeting your staffing needs as well as auditing, consulting, and engineering services that are customized to meet your unique quality needs.


ViiA is proud to be a Minority-Owned and Operated enterprise. We help companies define and meet supplier diversity spend goals by combining our industry expertise with strategic alliances to meet client needs on a national scale.


A leadership team with a vast degree of OEM and Tier 1 experience across North America ensures that we understand client needs, the supply chain, and how to enhance manufacturing quality and productivity.


ViiA is dedicated to innovative new AI technologies that increase the value of data and manufacturing/manpower performance. Our development team is building new quality solutions that solve quality issues quicker and more effectively.

Real-Time Data

Our online cloud based data management system provides project data and inspection results in real-time. No matter where you are in the world ViiA gives clients 24 hour access to centralized project information, reports and customized data.


Everything we do is centered around comprehensive best-of-breed processes. From project training and activity logs, documented work instructions, and in-process audits we ensure that our process completes projects accurately and efficiently.


Simply put, we deliver value. In the end, our success is ensuring that our best practices let us complete the job quickly and efficiently saving you both time and money and increasing the productivity of your manufacturing and manpower.